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Bush Watch


Cyber Paperboy

Media Whores Online

Political Strikes

American Politics

Just For Fun - Political:

The Accidental President

Afghan War Rugs

Ann Coulter, Slander Book Reviews, Quotes, etc.

Bartcop Nation

Bill Clinton Video

Bill's Best Links


Bush Art

Bush Body Count - Bodies, Page 1

Bu$h Family Value$

Bush Family Values Photo Album

Caleb's dirty, nasty, liberal political page


The Chickenhawk Database

CIA World Factbook

Clipart Comics

The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site

Common Dreams - News & Views for the Progressive Community

Cult Of Scalia

The Daily Brew

The Daily Cynic


Democratic Underground

Draft Dodging Conservatives

Dress 'M Up Dubya

Dress the President!




George W. Bush, Jr. - The Dark Side

Evil GOP Bastards

First Twins: Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush

Friendly Dictators Index

George W. Bush and the Triple Crown Dream

George W. Bush: give him a well earned slap!

get your war on

Global Circle Net News - Global Portal

GOPAC Memo on Language (1990)

"The Guns of Dallas" by L. Fletcher Prouty

Hated - Directory of sites most hated by conservatives

Horton Hears A What?

Internet Public Library: Newspapers

Jeff Crook's Uncommon Sense


Make Them Accountable

Maru The Crankpot

Nick's Crusade

Obscure Store and Reading Room

O'Leary's Corner

The Origins of the Overclass


PEARLY GATES - Conservatives and other Fun stuff

Planet Of The Dubya

Political Compass

Political Notes

Political Pulpit - Jim Romenesko's Media News

PROMO • The Project on Media Ownership

Ray Berry's Bush-Toons

R.B. Ham

Remember John O'Neill

Republicans Caught With Their Pants Down's Political Links

Satan for President in 2004

The Sideshow

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible


TBH Politoons

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Trading Cards: American Crusade 2001+


The Truth About Black Helicopters

Turns Out It's Not the Black Cats You Have to Watch Our For

Uncommon Sense

Washingtoon DC

Who Controls the Media: Digital TV Project

Who Owns What

Who served?

The wit and wisdom of Ann Coulter

'The Worried Shrimp'

Wren's Nest on the Web - THIS Week

Just For Fun:

404 and 1/2 -- Document Found But Not Understood

Airchecks:Radio:Reel Top 40 Radio Repository

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie


ArloNet - The Official Arlo Guthrie Home Page

Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Fine Art on the Internet

Bad Movies

"B Movie Reviews"

Betty Bowers is a Better Christian Than You

Bibliomania - Free Online Literature and Study Guides

The Big Cartoon DataBase

Tally Briggs

Caffeine Content in Beverages

George Carlin -- Laugh.Com Comic Page

certified insane religious sites

The Chomskybot

Cigarette Rolling Papers

Collection Finder: American Memory from the Library of Congress

COMEDY CENTRAL: Timewasters: Downloads

Consumer Consumption

Cthulhu lives!

click mazes - interactive puzzles and mazes

The Clint Howard Show

The Crumb Museum, the art of Robert (R.) Crumb

The Daily Bleed

Dave Romm's Very Weird CD Collection

Dave's House of Slide Rules

Defeat Telemarketers for FREE

The Dialectizer: Other Web Page Translating Sites


dIsInFoTaInMeNt ToDaY

Doc Hollywood

DVD Easter Eggs | Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs - The Internet's #1 Audio - Visual Archive - The History of the Media Age in MP3 Wav Audio, Photos & Video

Ellis Island Immigration History Center

Evangelist Name Generator

Every Rule In The Universe - Amazing Optical Illusions, 3D Stereograms, and other Mind Teasing Oddities!

Fake Foods Main Page

FameTracker - The Famer's Almanac of Celebrity Worth

The First Church of the Last Laugh

The Fish Lady

Fortean Picture Library

Free Macintosh software downloads for Mac freeware, shareware, demos, games, screensavers, fonts, and more




Groupie Central: Stories & Gossip


Hidden Features

Historical Costumes

Hobbit Name Generator

How To Give The Finger

The Internet Broadway Database

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Invisible Library

James Randi

Jedi Name Generator

JigZone: Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Joan's Mad Monarchs

Kaleidoscope Painter

Kinzua Bridge State Park Web Cam

The Klingon Language Institute

Largest collection of free Internet tools (Windows)

LincMad's Area Code Locator Table


The Maritime History Virtual Archives

[ Metaspy ]

The Movie Spoiler

Museum of Depressionist Art

The Museum of Hoaxes

Music from TV Commercials

Eadweard Muybridge

North American Mycological Association

Obsessive Fan Sites

Official US Time

Joseph Wu's Origami Page

Origami Underground

Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs - Custom Paper Models

Periodic Tables

(What's My) Pirate Name?


Quote Geek - Your Favorite Quotations, Online

Rapture Ready

Robert Anton Wilson Home Page


rollers handbook

Dave Romm's Radio Show

shakespeare insults, quotes and acidic quotations

Shakespearean Insulter


SinCity - The Web Home of Penn & Teller

The Skeptic's Dictionary

Skinema - Home of the Skinnies Awards - Dermatology In The Cinema

S.O.S. Math - Mathematical Tables and Formulas


Spitting Image

statue molesters

Steal This Book

Stooge TV

Straub Beer, St Marys PA

Suchard Homepage

Superhero Name Generator

SuperSiteUSA - The Download Site

The Surrealist Compliment Generator

The Surrealism Server

Tally Briggs

Ted's Turnovers

Muzej Nikole Tesle - Nikola Tesla Museum

Tex Avery Tribute

THE List: The Definitive Internet Services Buyer's Guide

The Toon Tracker


Turtopia - Turtle rescue, rehab and rehoming

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments

The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive Home Lair

warp a celeb!

Welcome to The Internet Archive Wayback Machine

"What Radio Was"

Who's Going To Hell This Week

Wills on the Web (Actual Wills of Celebrities & Others)

World Languages -

YourSpeed v2.3

Just For Fun - Vulgar:

A Word

watch the Arthur Andersen video starring Dick


BartCop Mirrors





Hear The 'Trifecta' Statement

'' And we've got a job to do at home, as well. You know, I was campaigning in Chicago and somebody asked me, is there ever any time where the budget might have to go into deficit? I said only if we were at war or had a national emergency or were in recession. (Laughter.) Little did I realize we'd get the trifecta. (Laughter.) But we're fine. ''

Scroll down 31 paragraphs to read it for yourself.

Hear The 'Trifecta' Quote Here.

Many Thanks, to Fud, a loyal bartcopper : )

'Bob Woodward vs. John Belushi and Me'

Michael Dare - 'The Life and Death of Captain Preemo'


See It For Yourself

Sing Along With John Ashcroft

Sing Along With John Ashcroft


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